Cuneiform, a C64 Charset Editor for Win32 - written by Scrapdog

I began work on a cross-platform C-64 character set editor in June 2001, called Hieroglyphic. In mid-July, I sent the nearly finished product to Alan De Smet for testing. While not a C-64 user, he still gave me a ton of ideas to improve the interface. I decided to start over from scratch, and design a program that not only worked with character sets, but other graphics formats as well. I also plan to (possibly) include support for other systems within the same program. After a month or so of working on the project, I put it in the background. However, in October 2001, I thought that I would like to test the waters with this project. Rather than send out an alpha version of my current editor (as it is somewhat limited at this point), I decided that I should send out my old editor, as I feel that some people will find it useful. I could have called this release "Hieroglyphic Alpha", but since Hieroglyphic is now essentially a different program, I decided to rename it to Cuneiform. I am not certain that I will continue development on this program, other than bug fixes. Hieroglyphic will contain all of the functionality of Cuneiform, and more, so I will devote my development time to that.

I hope, for the time being, you will find Cuneiform useful nonetheless.

Download Cuneiform 0.33 Beta - February 1, 2002 300 K

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